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Step 6: Organizing files & folders



Once you have files uploaded into Huddle they can be moved to different places within the same workspace or into a different workspace if desired.

This article will take you through the basics about organizing and moving your files, click on any sections of interest below:


Organizing folder structures

Who can move files and folders?

How to move files and folders within the same workspace

What are the differences between moving and copying?

Deleting files


I) Organizing folder structures


a) Folders you create in Huddle will be ordered in alphabetical order. If you would like them to appear in a different order we suggest that you number the folders. Please see this guide for a step by step guide to editing file and folder titles.

b) Renaming a file or folder will change the title for all members of the workspace. If you do not want to change the order of the folders for all workspace members you also have the option to change the view of the files you have by using the following drop down menu:




You are able to order files and folders by title so they appear in alphabetical order




You can order them by most recently updated




You can also order them by file type






TIP: This drop down menu only changes the view of the files tab for you, not for any other users. 


You have the option to toggle between a list view of files as shown above and a thumbnail view that you can see below. The selection you make here will only affect your view of the tab, it will not affect other workspace members.




II) Who can move files and folders? 


In Huddle only Workspace Managers and content owners are able to move files and folders. This means that to move a piece of content in Huddle you either need access to the Settings tab or you need to be the person who originally added that content to the platform. 


III) How to move files and folders within the same workspace


TIP: Remember when you are moving files and folders around Huddle you may be changing who will have access to that information. If you are dealing with sensitive content we suggest checking with your Workspace Manager to see if it is ok to move something from one folder to another. 


a) Select the files and / or folder you would like to move by clicking on them. They will be highlighted in grey when you have selected them. 




b) Then look at the panel on the right hand side of the screen and click on Move Selected Items





c) This will open the following window.




d) Select the folder you would like to move your files and / or folders to and click on Okay to confirm. 


IV) What are the differences between copying and moving? 



- Anyone is able to copy content from one location to another in Huddle, you do not need to be a workspace manager or a content owner. 

- When you copy a document, the comments attached to it will NOT move with the copy.

- You can only copy one item at a time. 

TIP: To see a full guide on how to copy content in Huddle, please see this guide.  



- To move a file or folder you need to be a content owner or a workspace manager.

- When you move a document, the comments attached to it will move too.

- You can move multiple items at once.


V) Deleting files


If you would like to read more information about who can delete information in Huddle please see this guide. 


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