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How to Copy Files and Folders



In Huddle you are able to copy files from one location to another. If you need to replicate a file in another area of Huddle this will save you needing to upload it another time.


TIP: You are not able to copy more than one selected file at once. However if you copy a folder it will copy the folder and all of its contents to your chosen location. 


1) Find the file or folder you want to copy and click on the three vertical dots. Select copy from the options that appear.




2) A window will open in that will allow you to choose the workspace and folder you want to copy the selected file to. 



3) Once you have chosen the place you want to copy the document to click on Copy

4) Your document will now be visible in two places.


Please bear in mind when copying documents you may be moving them into folders with different security permissions and workspaces with different members.If you are copying sensitive data, we suggest checking with you workspace manager before doing so.

TIP: When you copy a document in Huddle you will also lose the metadata surrounding it such as comments and approvals (this is not the case when you move a document within the same workspace). To find out more about how to move a file or folder, rather than copying it, click here.

Please note that an approval request to a file will be lost when that file is moved to a different workspace. A new approval request will need to be created after the move is done.


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