How do I move a files and folders?


You can move both folders and files to other workspaces or to different parts of your folder structure in the same workspace.

When a file is moved in Huddle, you are choosing to move the entire item. This means that the file and all its meta data (comments, activity history, versions) will move with it. The file or folder ID will remain the same meaning that any links to that file that have been set up will not break.

Note that by moving files to another part of the folder structure or to a different workspace, this may change who has access to these files. You should consider:

- Who has access rights to the folder you are moving your files to

- Who is a member of the workspace that you are moving files into (check the People tab)


Moving Files and Folders                                                     

In order to move a file or folder, hover over it and select the 'Move' icon.



The 'Move' panel will appear and you can then select where to move your file or folder to. It will show you a default view of the current workspace that you are in and you can navigate around the folder structure until you find the location that you wish to move your item to.


You can move your file or folder to a different workspace by clicking on the house icon in the move panel to show the list of workspaces. You can then navigate through the folder structure of the workspace you selected.

Once you have selected the workspace and folder that you want to move the folder or file into click 'Move' and your change will occur.

Moving Multiple Files and Folders

You can move multiple files by moving the folder that they are in, but you may not wish to move the entire folder and it's contents. You also may wish to move multiple folders at once.

In order to move files and folders select them by clicking on the items in the folder list. Then click the 'Move selected items' button to make the change. You will see the panel as described above.


Who Can Move Files and Folders?

There are a number of rules around moving files and folders in Huddle that may mean you are not always able to perform this action. See the 'Who can move files and folders?' article for details.


Please note that an approval request to a file will be lost when that file is moved to a different workspace. A new approval request will need to be created after the move is done.