Who can move files and folders?


While moving files or folders in Huddle is relatively simple, there is lots to consider when allowing someone to do this action. Moving files in Huddle could mean that different people gain access to those files or people that should see the files can no longer. Due to this, only certain users in the workspace can make these sort of changes. 

This article should help explain why you may have permission to move files and folders in one workspace but not in another.

Who can move files and folders?

Roles you require in the workspace that you are moving the content from:
- A Workspace Manager and/or
- A creator of the folder or file (i.e. the item owner)

Permissions you require in the workspace that you are moving the content to:
- Edit permission on the folder that you are moving files or folders into (because you are essentially creating new content in this folder)

When can you move files and folders?

On occasion it may appear that you have permission to move a folder (as above) but when you go to action it you may find that you are unable to. This could be for the following reasons:

- You 'own' the folder (you created it), but you do not 'own' all the files inside. This will not apply if you are a Workspace Manager.

- Files inside the folder are locked. A locked file is usually being worked on therefore it should not be moved while someone is potentially editing it. The file will need to be unlocked by the user who locked it or by a Workspace manager.

Remember when moving files and folders in Huddle that you are altering the location of the entire item which includes the activity and version history. For more information see the 'How do I move files and folders?' article.