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How to delete files and folders from Huddle



Deleting files and folders in Huddle is simple, it is possible to delete single items as well as multiple. If you want to find out how to delete workspaces please see this article. 

TIP: Who can delete files and folders in Huddle? If you would like to delete a file or folder from a Huddle workspace you will either need to own that piece of content (you either uploaded the file or created the folder) or be a Workspace Manager. 


How to delete a single file or folder

How to delete multiple files and folders

I cannot delete the folder


.I) How to delete a single file or folder



a) Locate the file or folder that you would like to delete. 

b) Click the three dots to the right.

c) You will see a row of buttons appear. Select delete from this list. 



d) When you click on delete it will open the following window. Click on Delete to confirm this is the correct file or folder. 




e)  Your file or folder will now be deleted. 




TIP: If you have made a mistake you can use the 'Undo' button in the blue banner at the bottom of the screen. Note that this only occurs for users on modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge). You will only be able to use the 'Undo' option before the page is refreshed. 



II) How to delete multiple files and folders



a) To delete files and folders select them by clicking on the items in the folder list (Items selected will be highlighted in light grey). Then click the Delete selected items button in the panel on the right hand side of your Huddle screen to remove them from your workspace.




III) I cannot delete folder. I am getting 'you do not have access' error message

When this happens, please check the folder for locked files. If you're the workspace manager, you will be able to unlock the files and then delete the folder. 


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