How to Edit File and Folder Titles in Huddle



TIP: You will only be able to edit a folder title if you are  a Workspace Manager or the creator of the folder.

You will be able to edit the title of any file in Huddle that you have Editor permission level for. To read more about permissions, click here


Editing folder titles

Editing file titles 


I) Editing folder titles



a) Find the folder you would like to edit the title of and click on its title.



b) Click on Edit title / description in the panel on the right hand side of your Huddle screen. 



c) This will open up the following window that will allow you to enter a new title for your folder. 



4) Click on Okay once you have entered a new title to confirm the change. 


II) Editing file titles



Editing file titles works the same way as editing folder titles except that the Edit title / description sits in a slightly different place, on the right hand side click on "More" then "Edit title & Description" (Shown in the figure below). You can also edit the title by clicking on the title itself on top when viewing the file.

Remember that you need Editor permission level to be able to change titles of documents (what are permission levels?).




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