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Getting Started with Huddle and On-boarding Users



What's first? - Customisation


The first thing you can customize is your URL. Currently you log into you can replace the ‘my’ with whatever you like, for example When you have made your decision, email and ask for your URL to be updated.

Once Huddle Support have updated your domain you can now go into your ‘Account Settings’ and upload your company logo to replace the Huddle logo appearing across your account.



Update your Profile


Updating your profile is key to user adoption. Ensure all of your details are correct and try to fill out as much information as possible.

You should also think about making your profile more personable by uploading a picture and encouraging your users to do the same.



Create your Workspaces


A Workspace is a private and secure area where you can share and work on content with colleagues, partners or clients. A Workspace can represent a project, a team, or any general theme of information.

When you are considering what Workspaces you will need and how to set them up, consider the following top tips:

What is the objective of your first Workspace? It is important that every Workspace has a clear purpose.

What features are required within the Workspace? You can turn off specific feature tabs from Settings so that Workspace users are directed straight to the content you want them to see. To find out how read the Huddle Features article on the Customer Help Portal.

What content should be migrated? Upload your documents to the Files tab by clicking on the Upload Files button in the Files tab.

Create a Workspace description. This appears on the Overview tab of a Workspace and can be used to give an introduction to the Workspace or any instructions that the users may need. There are two options for setting this up:

1)      Create your own description from the Settings tab. To find out how, click here.

2)      We can help you create a fully branded Workspace overview at an additional cost. To find out how click here.



Prepare to Launch


Before you start inviting people into Huddle for the first time, why not send them an email to let them know what to expect? That way you can ensure that your colleagues promptly sign up and start collaborating immediately.

Here’s an example that you can use as a template for your own email:

Be sure to let your colleagues know what to expect and when to expect it!





Go to a Workspace that you wish to invite people into and click the Invite people button. In the pop-up, select the appropriate team (see permission guidelines here), then type their email address in the box provided. You can invite multiple colleagues at once by including a whole list of email addresses.

For further details on inviting people, please see the Inviting New Users article.



Install the Huddle Apps


Have you heard about Huddle’s plugins? These are designed to integrate into your everyday applications for quick and easy access to your Huddle content.


Huddle for Mobile

Access and edit your content on the move, offline access to work on that important presentation and manage your task list as you go.

More information and download links for Huddle’s mobile applications and integrations are available here.


Huddle Desktop for Windows and Mac

Open and edit any type of file directly from Huddle using familiar desktop applications. Save to Huddle directly from inside Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and view comment streams for files opened in Huddle for Windows.Upload email attachments to Huddle, including the entire email thread as comments. Or convert an email to a Huddle note. Even invite your contacts to join a Huddle Workspace.

To download it click here.



Now you are set up, drive Huddle adoption


Lead by example and make sure that today you and your colleagues do the following:

1. Share a new file or upload a new version of a file and make sure that others know about it

2. Comment on a file or task to encourage communication around the content

3. Add and assign some tasks capturing any actions from your latest team meeting

4. Create a Huddle note from within the Files tab to show that you can post informal messages or information alongside your documents

We hope you have found getting started with Huddle simple and that you continue to see the benefits of using your Workspaces to share and collaborate on your content.

In order to see the latest product updates, check our release notes and if you need any further help from the team please visit Huddle Help.