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How to Edit a File with Huddle Desktop



Huddle Desktop allows you to open a file from the Huddle web app directly into the native application (e.g. Word, Excel or PowerPoint) on your PC or laptop. To edit a file that has already been uploaded to Huddle, follow the steps below. 


Tip: If you do not have Huddle Desktop installed - click here to read about how to edit documents without it or talk to your IT team. 


1) In a workspace, go to the file details page of the file you want to edit by clicking on the document's title



2) Click on the Open in button in the blue panel on the right hand side of the screen. 




3) This will open the following window. To make changes to the document, select the Edit and Lock option. If you have access to an Office 365 account you can also choose to edit the document using Office Online.




4) The document will open in its native application (i.e. if it is a Word document, it will open up in Microsoft Word).




5) You will be able to see the comments feed from underneath the document open in Word. For a guide to using comments in  Office, click here

Once you have made the desired changes to the document. Click on the save icon in Word. Once you have clicked save you can exit Word, knowing that your changes have been saved in Huddle. 


6) When you return to Huddle you will see this window. 




7) Select Yes, Unlock it to unlock the document so your colleagues can make subsequent changes. 


8) You will see that your changes have been saved back to Huddle.




Tip: Get started with Desktop and boost your productivity with our step by step guide to using Huddle Desktop.



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