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Working on the Global and US instances of Huddle



Huddle is one product that exists on two separate systems that we refer to as instances. One is called the Global instance, used by the majority of our customers and the other is called the US instance which is predominately used by US Government and healthcare clients. 

The Global and US instances offer the same set of features to users, however they share no infrastructure at all, which means that your password will be different for both, the internet address you use to access them will be different, along with the databases rigged to them etc.

Normally, users of Huddle will work exclusively on one instance but in some cases you may be a member of the Global and US instances. This could be the case for example, if you work for a professional services organisation and you are working on a project with US Government. 

If you need to use both instances, this article is designed to give you some hints and tips to make working across both instances easier. 



I) Best practice tips


a) Accessing the instances


To sign in to the Global instance, go to or sign in here

To sign in to the US instance, go to or sign in here

If you try to sign in to the US instance with your Global instance password your attempt will fail, so it's important to know which instance you are trying to sign in to. 


Tip: Save the links in your browser and label them clearly so you always know which instance you're signing in to.


b) Getting set up on both instances


It's a good idea to set up a profile for both instances, we'd suggest adding a different profile picture on both so when you're logged in you have a visual cue to remind you which instance you're working on. Get started setting up your profile with the instructions here


c) Access to content across two instances


1) Workspaces

When you sign in to one instance of Huddle you'll only have access to the Workspaces on that instance, and not the Workspaces on the other instance. 


2) Bookmarks

Your Bookmarks  list is specific to your profiles in the two instances, so as for Workspaces, the Bookmarks you use in the Global instance won't be accessible from the US instance and vice-versa. 

3) Moving and copying content

It isn't possible to move or copy content from one instance to another using the menus in Huddle. You can move files from one instance to the other by downloading documents from one instance and then uploading them to the other. For example, you can easily do this by downloading a file on one instance and using drag and drop to upload the file to the other instance without leaving the browser. 



II) Apps and integrations


a) Mobile apps


There are two versions of the Huddle mobile apps. One that works with the Global instance and one that works with the US instance. 
If you want to use the mobile apps and you are working on both instances, you should download both of these, they can both run on the same mobile phone or tablet. 
The Global instance app has a blue logo while the US instance app has a grey logo. 

Download the Global instance app for iOS              

Download the US instance app for iOS

Download the Global instance app for Android        

Download the US instance app for Android


b) Huddle Desktop


There are also two versions of our Desktop applications and Office / Outlook plugins, one for each instance of Huddle. Bear in mind that one PC cannot run both versions of these applications, so when you decide which one to download, pick the one for the instance you'll be using most frequently. 

Download Huddle Desktop for the Global instance

Download Huddle desktop for the US instance


Tip: For editing content without Huddle Desktop on the instance you don't have the application for, follow this guide


c) G-Suite


There are also two versions of the Huddle add-on for G-Suite. If you'd like to work in Google Sheets or Docs then store the finished version of your file in Huddle you can use these to integrate the two systems. 

Google Docs add-on for our Global instance

Google Sheets add-on for our Global instance

Google Docs add-on for our US instance 

Google Sheets add-on for our US instance


If you're still experiencing issues working on both instances of Huddle, you can always get in touch with your Customer Success Manager about any other questions you might have, you can find out who your CSM is by emailing Support.


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