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Where to download Huddle Desktop



Huddle Desktop includes deep integrations with your Windows or Mac applications allowing you to easily edit files stored online with your on premise solutions.
Once Huddle Desktop is installed you'll be able to attach documents from Huddle to Outlook emails as well as archive attachments that have been sent to you to Huddle. You'll also have access to a Huddle window on your desktop allowing you to access all your bookmarked and recent files at any time without even logging into the browser.


To install Huddle Desktop on your PC yourself click here and select the installer for Windows or Mac. 

If you need help from IT to install software on your PC, send this information to your IT administrators and they'll be able to set it up for you.  


To find out more about how Huddle Desktop can make you more productive see this article

To read in more detail how to use Huddle desktop, see a step by step article to the integration here



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