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Huddle Desktop not only provides fast and easy access to recent and bookmarked files, and Workspace folders, but also adds key collaborative features to many of your existing desktop applications. Open documents stored in Huddle straight into Microsoft Office; make edits and comments, then save back into Huddle seamlessly. Huddle Desktop even lets you work offline, save emails from Outlook into Huddle, and more.


Using Huddle Desktop


Download for Mac

Download for Windows

Download for US Gov/Healthcare


Open, edit and save

  • Direct from the web. Starting from a file preview in Huddle, open your files directly into desktop applications including Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®.

  • Work the way you want to. Save your files from within your desktop applications to automatically upload a new version directly to Huddle. 



It's easy to add content

  • Uploading made easy. Add new files or versions to Huddle right from your desktop. 

  • Work the way you want to. Drag and drop files, right-click and save from file explorer, or use the upload feature in Huddle Desktop.



Collaborate within Microsoft Office


  • Open and save to Huddle. Save your work to Huddle without leaving your favorite Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®.

  • Comments and content together. Read feedback, take action and reply. @mention individuals or entire teams. 



Open recents

  • Pick up where you left off. Don't waste time searching for your files. Huddle Desktop makes it simple to find and open your recent files. 

  • All in one place. Find and open files that you've used across Huddle's Web, Desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android apps. 



Version control

  • Eliminate conflicts. No more duplication of effort or version conflicts. Files are automatically locked while you are editing. 

  • Team visibility. Easily see who's working on a document. 



Work offline

  • Keep working. Bookmark up to 50 files for offline access, so you can keep on working even when you don't have an internet connection.

  • Synchronized. Changes to offline files are automatically synchronized back to Huddle when an internet connection is established. 

  • Recent files. If you unexpectedly lose your connection, your recently opened files can be saved for offline access.



Upgrade your email

  • Archive emails and attachments. Save important project email threads and attachments to Huddle with one click.

  • Attach from Huddle. Attach the latest version of a file from Huddle. 

  • Reply by email. Email replies automatically added as a comment to your files.