Huddle Desktop (US Government and Healthcare)


This article is exclusively for our US Government and Healthcare customers

Huddle Desktop for Windows and Mac are lightweight desktop applications which make editing files in Huddle much easier.

From Huddle, you can simply "Open in" your familiar desktop applications. If you choose to edit a file, it will be locked automatically, and each time you press 'save' as normal, a new version will be automatically uploaded to Huddle.

We have special versions of our desktop applications for US Government and Healthcare customers, these will not work for other customers.

Download & Install:
Huddle for Windows - US Government
Huddle for Mac - US Government


We also have integrations for Microsoft Office and outlook, which work on top of Huddle for Windows.

With Huddle for Office, you can save directly to Huddle, view and reply to Huddle comments, and open any Huddle file from inside Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Download & Install:
Huddle for Office - US Government


With Huddle for Outlook, you can attach the latest version of Huddle files to your emails, or save emails and attachments to Huddle.

Download & install:
Huddle for Outlook - US Government


If your organisation requires the IT team to distribute applications over the network, you can use our enterprise deployment versions to aid this process.

Full documentation is available at the links below.

Enterprise deployment:

Huddle for Windows Enterprise Deployment - US Government
Huddle for Office Enterprise Deployment - US Government
Huddle for Outlook Enterprise Deployment - US Government