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Step 2: Navigating Huddle



I) Accessing the Dashboard




To access your Dashboard, which summarizes all the work going on in the Workspaces you're a member of, click the home icon in the top left of your Huddle screen. To learn more about the dashboard, see this article.



II) Accessing Workspaces





To go to a Workspace, click on the name of any workspace listed in the sidebar navigation panel to be taken to the overview of that workspace. Access a more detailed article about Workspace navigation here.



III) Accessing files




Use Search in the top right of your Huddle screen to launch a search through all your content. Learn more about Search with our feature overview.



IV) Accessing Huddle Help


Click the help button in the bottom right of your Huddle screen or if you're a US Government or healthcare customer, click the question mark icon next to Search.
In our support portal you'll find useful articles, FAQs, video guides and webinar recordings. 



V) Managing your profile


Click the drop-down menu next to your profile picture in the top right corner of your Huddle screen to access your personal and password settings. For more information about how to change settings from your profile, click here.



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