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What is a Dashboard?



The Dashboard provides the global overview of your Huddle working world. It is the page you land on as soon as you login to Huddle. It summarises all the activity going on across all your workspaces. Your Dashboard is private and unique to you.


My Notifications: This section notifies you of all documents, notes, comments, or tasks that you are directly involved in across all your workspaces. 

My Tasks: Any tasks that you have been assigned will show here in a traffic light colour system so you can easily prioritise your most urgent work. You can tick the task off on the dashboard page or you can click on the task link that takes you straight through to the details page where you can mark it as complete. 

Files Awaiting Approval: All documents that are awaiting approval from yourself and other people show up here. Clicking on the document link will take you straight through to the file in Huddle.

Locked Files: This area shows you all the documents you have locked across your workspaces, this gives you a quick glimpse of what documents you are working on. Clicking on the document name will take you through to the document so you can continue working on it.

Activity: What's New across all the workspaces you're involved in. Here you will also see a full list of all the activity currently going on across all workspaces you are a member of. This information is not necessarily about things you are involved in but it helps you discover more about the progress of your project as a whole and about what your colleagues are up to.

 To read about the difference between your "Dashboard" and your "Workspace Overview", click here