How to save emails to Huddle


Once you have your Huddle plugins installed you can make use of the extra functionality they give you. If you do not have them installed yet, click here to be taken to where you can download them. If you need help from IT to install software on your PC you can ask them to do it for you and send them this information. 


Note: It is possible to upload both email conversations and email conversations with attachments. If you want to upload a conversation only it will be stored as a file in Huddle so you will see it in the preview screen. If you upload a conversation with a file attached, the file will go into the preview screen and the email conversation will go into the comments feed below. You can read more about comments here

In both cases the subject line of the email will form the title of the file saved in Huddle, you will be able to modify this if desired once the file is saved. 


1) Open Outlook. Find the email you want to move to Huddle.


2) Click on the save email / save email and attachments to Huddle button in the task bar of Outlook.


3) Huddle will open a window allowing you to pick the workspace and folder you want to save the email to. 

Click on the home icon to go to your full list of workspaces. Then use the scroll bar to find the one you want to select.

Navigate through your folders to get to where you would like to save the email. If you are uploading an email with an attachment put a tick in the import email thread as comments box to have your email conversation recorded in the comments feed in Huddle. 



4) Click on Upload.


5) Your email will automatically upload to Huddle. 

6) Click on done to continue looking at Outlook or click on go there now to see the email in your selected location in Huddle. 


If you upload an attachment with an email conversation you should expect to see something similar to this in Huddle: 




If you upload an email conversation without attachments you will see something like this: