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Pre-Invitation Email Example



To make sure that invitations to Huddle are anticipated by your co-workers we recommend that you send out a Huddle launch email reiterating why you are using Huddle and the benefits it will provide prior to adding users to Huddle. 


Tip: For details on how to invite users to Huddle once the pre-invitation email has been sent, please see  this article.



Please see the example email below, you can also download this from the bottom of the page. 



This is a reminder that we have chosen to use Huddle for XXX. You will be receiving email invitations to the system later today so please watch out for them.  It is essential you accept the invitation so you can access all the relevant content.


What is Huddle? And what impact will this have on the team?

Huddle is a secure platform where you can share and collaborate on documents, communicate, share best practice, manage tasks and work more effectively across disparate offices, teams and locations.

The secure and shared environment Huddle provides negates the frustrations caused by email - with its multiple versions, file size limits or endless cc email loops, where important information is easily lost or siloed.


Why would I use Huddle? Who else uses Huddle?

Huddle is used as a platform in multiple different ways by commercial and public sector organisations across EMEA and the US. Take a look at the Industries page on Huddle’s website here to find customer testimonials.  


Where can I go for support?

This is Huddle’s support portal, here you will find tutorial videos, useful articles and the option to sign up for webinars.

Remember that if you experience any technical difficulties you can contact at any time. For any company related questions please contact XXX.


Kind regards,