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Editing files offline with Huddle Desktop



This article covers how to edit files while you're offline. Once you have installed Huddle Desktop you'll be able to open files from your bookmarks list while offline, make your changes and then have your modifications sync right back to Huddle as soon as you are connected to the internet again. 

To edit files offline follow the steps below:

I) Bookmark and lock your files while you have an internet connection

II) Edit your file offline

I) Bookmark and lock your files while you have an internet connection


First of all you'll need to make sure that you have bookmarked and locked all the files you're planning to work on offline. 

The files need to be bookmarked so you can open them offline with Huddle Desktop and they need to be locked so you know you won't get any version clashes when your changes sync back to Huddle. 


a) Before you leave where you are working and while you still have an internet connection, bookmark and lock the file you want to edit later.  

b) Find the file you want to edit offline.

c) Click the file's title

d) On the preview page, click the Bookmark icon next to the file title or the Bookmark button in the actions panel.


e) Now click the lock icon above the file or the lock button in the actions panel. 



II) Edit your file offline


a) Launch Huddle Desktop, go to the Bookmarks tab.


b) Click the file you want to edit. 

c) Click Edit Offline.


d) Make your changes.

e) Hit Save in your editing application. 

f) When you reconnect to the internet your changes will save to Huddle automatically.               



Tip: Remember to unlock the files you were editing when they have updated so others can make changes to them now you have finished.



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