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Creating a File Request


Creating a file request

File requests allow you to gather large amounts of information from people you're working with in Huddle. You can set up requests for certain users to complete and keep track of their progress from the file requests dashboard. It's an effortless way to collect high volumes of files. 

To create a single file request, follow the steps below.  

A) Starting a request

1) In the Workspace where you want to request a file, go to the File requests tab.


2) Click Create request.

3) Name your request.



B) Selecting a location for the uploaded file to be stored

Tip: Unlike for asignees, due dates and statuses, you can't edit the upload location later on. Try and select the correct folder where possible. 


1) Click the edit icon under Where should these files go to in Huddle? to choose where you want the file to be stored when it's uploaded. If you don't have a location in mind, the file will be uploaded to the root folder on the Files tab


2) Select the folder or sub-folder where you want the file to be stored and click Choose this folder to finalize. 


C) Selecting a due date

1) Click Add due date

2) Select a date from the calendar. 


D) Selecting assignees

Tip: All assignees have to be members of the Workspace where your request is. If you need to invite someone to your Workspace this is how to get started

1) Click Add assignees to choose who you want to ask to upload the file. 

2) Select the person or people you want from the list.       


3) Click Ok

4) Click Create request to finish once you have selected a location, assignees and a due date.