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Early Access Program FAQs



1) What is it?

The Early Access Program (EAP) is an invitation only initiative that provides participating organizations and users with access to new Product features before they are released for general availability.


2) How can I and my organization get involved?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager or email to discuss your eligibility.


3) How can I end my participation?

To leave EAP, click the ‘Leave’ link on the EAP settings page. To access the settings page, click the EAP link in the menu under your profile picture in the top right of Huddle, or use the link in your invitation email. To stop receiving EAP communications,  click the unsubscribe link in the most recent EAP email you have received, or email You can opt-out at any time.


4) Will it affect the functionality of Huddle?

Existing functionality will only be affected when that feature is updated and is included in the EAP. Features that are provided in the pre-release phase may not always function as expected. By participating you acknowledge that the normal warranties we provide for features in General Availability do not apply to features provided as part of the early access program. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that features included in the EAP will reach General Availability.


5) What will I get access to?

Selected new product features will be made available via the EAP. We will advise participating users of upcoming features. Individual pre-release features can be turned on or off and you can opt-out at any time should you not wish to participate (see question 2).


6) I enabled EAP but no longer have access to EAP features or the EAP settings page, what should I do?
Check you are using the same browser you used to enable EAP, and that you haven’t recently cleared your browser’s temporary files. EAP will only work in the same browser and device you enabled it from. If you continue to have issues, please contact


7) Where should I go for assistance?

For help with features included in the EAP, please email For questions or assistance with the EAP itself, please email


8) What type of feedback will I have to give and how?

EAP participants will be contacted via email and asked to complete product feedback surveys to help us improve features before release to General Availability. Selected participants may be asked to participate in phone calls, webinars or face-to-face workshops. Should you wish to provide any feedback outside of the scheduled surveys, you can email


9) How often will I be asked to provide feedback?

We promise not to bombard you with surveys. Depending on the number of features you have access to, you should not be asked to complete more than four surveys per year.


10) If I don’t provide feedback will I be removed from the EAP?

Access to the EAP program is provided to help Huddle improve the quality and value of the features we release for General Availability. To make space in the program for users who are able to provide feedback, we may periodically end access for users who have not provided any feedback in the previous 6 months. We will always communicate with you before ending  access.


11) Will I lose any data?

Participation in the EAP will not affect any content or data stored in Huddle. However, data created or stored in EAP features may not be available should the feature be changed or retired prior to launch.


12) Is it secure?

Yes, EAP features will offer the same industry-leading levels of security as the rest of Huddle.


13)How long does it take to be removed from EAP?

Immediately following an action to switch off an EAP features or leave the program on the EAP settings page.