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Finding content in Huddle / How to use Search


This article explains how to locate content in Huddle; whether you have a specific document in mind but you're not sure where it is, or if you have an idea of what you are looking for but aren't sure what it's called, you can find what you need with Huddle's search.

Tip: Get straight back to your current work as quickly as possible by selecting Recent files, see this article to learn more.


Finding content with search

 a) Click the search box at the top right of your Huddle screen. 




b) Type a word contained in the file, folder or task you are looking for. The word can be in the title or body of what you are looking for. 

c) Results will appear as you type, these are your most recently used files relevant to your search, but not the full list of results.  




d) Run a full search by pressing Enter on your keyboard, by clicking the Enter icon  to the right of the search box or by selecting Search all of Huddle.

e) Use the search filters to narrow down Result categories, workspaces and a date range.



f) Under Top results you can further define the type of content that matches best to your search term, namely: Files, Folders, Tasks and People.



Files, Folders and Tasks gives you extended lists of content that matches your search so if you can't see what you need on the Top results tab, switch to one of these to see more.  

gives you a list of Huddle users that you share Workspaces with. Use search to quickly access their profile pages. 


g) Under All workpsaces you can further define your search across:


    1. All workspaces that you have access to.

    2. This Workspace - If you launched the search while currently working within in a

    3. Search within a specific workspace.



h) All time allows you to further define your search within the following sets range of periods (Today, Last week, Last month, Last year or a Custom range of period.


    * Today: Your current working day

    * Last week: Previous calendar week starting from Monday - Sunday

    * Last month: Previous calendar month

    * Last year: Previous calendar year

    * Custom range: A date range of your choice



Watch the short video below to see search in action. 


For tips and tricks on how to run advanced searches, see this article.


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