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Huddle Task roles


Huddle Tasks are viewed by all members of a workspace, regardless of their file permission level. For example, that means you can still view tasks created by some other people and tasks which you are not assigned to. 

Editing task details in Huddle is, however, contextual and there are a variety of situations that shape who can edit certain parts of a task. 


Task Creator


1. If you have created a task you will be able to edit all the fields on your task details.

2. You will also be able to perform any actions on your task. Such as sharing, deleting, copying a link or commenting.

Task Assignee


If you have been assigned to a task that was created by another person you will only be able to change the task status and add or remove the attachments.

You will also be able to share a task, copy a link or comment on a task.

Task Observer


If you haven’t created a task, or been assigned to a task, you won’t be able to edit any details of that task. This will be indicated by the info message at the top of the task.


You will still be able to share this task with another person, copy a link or add a comment.


If you need some further help understanding what you can do depending of your Task role, please refer to the flowchart below.