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Huddle and Microsoft Power Automate (Flow)


Subject to plan, the Huddle connectors below, Huddle workspaces, documents & Tasks can be integrated with the hundreds of apps available on the Power Automate platform.

Standard Connector:

US Government & Healthcare Connector:

If interested in having your account activated for creating integration flows on Power Automate please contact your Huddle customer success manager or support through

Once activated for an account the following Triggers & Actions will be available.

Triggers: Poll a target folder for it's most recent upload



The triggers of our connector will be the initial step of any flow originating from a document being uploaded into a Huddle folder or any newly created workspace approval requests.

For document upload polling *After authentication select the workspace and folder location you wish to monitor. Any document successfully uploaded into this folder location will then initiate flows to start.



For approval request polling, simply select from the authenticated users workspace list



Once any flow is triggered the following Huddle actions are available through the connector.



For more help visit the PowerUsers forum or see the Documentation