Step 5: Managing Public files



Here you can explore what's in the third tab in the Company Manager area: Public files.
This is the first of five features that Company Mnangers can decide to enable for use within all their organization's Huddle Accounts. The other four features they have control over are in the Security tab, which will be covered in the next article. 

This article will cover:

I) Public Link explained

II) Enabling Public Link

III) Managing Public files


I) Public Link explained


Huddle's Public Link feature allows users to create Public files. These files are pushed outside of Huddle and can be accessed by people who are not users of the software. 

This is a useful feature for teams that produce externally facing content such as Marketing. Public Link is often used for things like rotas, timetables, newsletters and promotional content for campaigns.

Enabling Public Link is controlled at two levels. Company Managers decide whether to enable this feature for the Accounts under their Company. Then Workspace Managers decide whether or not they want to leave this feature switched on inside their Workspace(s).

If you'd like to read more about Public Link, you can find detailed information here



II) Enabling Public Link


To enable Public Link on all the Accounts in a Company follow the steps below:

a) First, access the Company Manager area. Click the drop-down menu next to your profile in the top right corner of your Huddle screen.




b) Select Your Company Name from the list. 




c) Click Settings to the right of the Company Manager area tabs. 



d) Select Public Link.



e) Check the circle to enable Public Link for your Company.



III) Managing Public files


From the Public files tab in the Company Manager area you can view and disable files. 


To view a file or to stop a file being public, follow the steps below:

a) Select the Public files tab in the Company Manager area.



b) Hover your mouse over the file you'd like to view or disable then select Actions.



c) Select either View or Disable



The next article will show you all the security features that can be switched on from the Company Manager area.  



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