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Step 5: Managing your Account's Workspaces



Here you will learn how to manage the Workspaces that have been created under your Account. There is no limit to the amount of Workspaces you can create. However, in the interest of good knowledge management you may decide that you would like to shut down and delete Workspaces that are no longer used. 

This article covers:

I) Where to go to manage your Workspaces

II) How to manage your Workspaces


I) Where to go to manage your Workspaces


Go to the Workspaces section of the Account Settings area. Here you can see a list of all the Workspaces that have been created under your Account.


II) How to Manage your Workspaces


Next to the Workspaces listed in the Account Settings area you will see a row of options that look like this: 

These help Administrators effectivley manage their Account's Workspaces.

To perform any of these actions on a Workspace just locate the Workspace you would like to Edit, lock, finalize or delete and click the relevant option. 


a) Making yourself a Manager of a Workspace

You are able to make yourself a Manager of any of the Workspaces under your Account. This is useful in situations where all the Workspace Managers of a Workspace have left your organisation and new ones need to be appointed.


b) Editing a Workspace

You are able to change the title and description of the Workspace as well as set who can invite users into it from the Account Settings area. 


c) Locking a Workspace

You can choose to lock a Workspace if you want to freeze it in time. You may choose to use this in the situation where a project gets underway in Huddle but is put on hold. You can then Lock the Workspace where the project is being run and re-open it when the project resumes. You can unlock a document from the Workspaces section under Account Settings. 


TIP: The next two activities, finalization and deletion are the actions you need to be most careful with. They are permanent and cannot be reversed if you do them by accident.


d) Finalizing / archiving a Workspace

You can finalize a Workspace if you would like to archive its contents to keep for future reference but you know it won’t need to be changed or worked on again in the future. All the version history of the documents in the Workspace will disappear and all your open tasks will be closed. 


e) Deleting a Workspace

This will delete the Workspace from your Account. All of your content will no longer be accessible and will not be able to be retrieved. 


In Step 6 we'll move on to the final section in the Administrator area, customization, where Admnistrators can apply their organization's branding to your Account. 



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