Step 4: Responding to Workspace creation requests



In this section you'll learn what to expect if a user sends you a Workspace request, how to respond to a Workspace request and how to hand over a new Workspace. 

This article covers: 

I) Recieving a Workspace request

II) Responding to a Workspace request

III) Handing over a new Workspace to the requester


I) Recieving a Workspace request


When a user clicks Create a Workspace they will send a request form to you that will be delivered as an email from





II) Responding to a Workspace request


a) If you agree to creating the Workspace for their stated purpose, click the long link in the email.

b) Sign in to Huddle when prompted if you are not already.

c) Click Create Workspace.



Now the Workspace has been created, let's see how you hand it over to the person who requested it.  



III) Handing over a new Workspace to the requester


When you hand over a new Workspace to a requester it is important to complete three things: invite the requester into the Workspace, make the requester a Manager of the Workspace so they can configure it without your help and finally leave the Workspace yourself. As you are an Admininstrator you would be able to enter the Workspace again at any time if something were needed.


a) After clicking Create Workspace you will be taken to the new Workspace automatically. To invite the Workspace requester click the invite people button.



b) Enter the requester's email address in the first text box. Add the user to a team and click Send invitation. Click Done to confirm. 



c) Now they have been invited you need to make them a Workspace Manager so they can configure the Workspace. Go to Settings > Users.



d) Check the box under the Manager column next to the requester's name.

e) Click ‘Save’ at the top of the page.



f) In the same location (Settings > Users) remove yourself from the Workspace by clicking Remove from Workspace next to your name.



In the next step you'ill learn how to manage existing Workspaces.



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