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Step 2: Accessing the Account settings area



To access these settings, you need to be admin on the account. If you are not an admin, you would need to ask a user with admin access to be to do this. 

Here you can find out how to access the Account Settings, or Administrator area and how to get to all your important information once you're there. 

This article covers:

I) Accessing the Administrator area

II) Navigating the Administrator area

I) Accessing the Administrator area

To get to the Administrator area, follow these steps:

a) Click the drop-down menu next to your profile in the top right of your Huddle screen.




b) Select Account settings from the list.





II) Navigating the Administrator area


Once you're in the Administrator area, use the three buttons Overview, Customization, and Workspaces to access information about these three different topics.



In the next steps, we'll cover each of these in detail, starting with the Overview section in Step 3.  


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