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Step 2: Planning a Workspace



If you are thinking of setting up a new Workspace, consider these questions for guidance on how to structure your processes, Workspace members and content before moving on to Step 3. 

The better your current workflows are built into Huddle, the bigger the success of your project will be. 


I) Processes:


a) What is the purpose of this workspace?

What will you be doing in this Workspace or how is it intended to be used?

What are the objectives of the Workspace? 



II) Workspace members:


a) Who needs access to this Workspace? 

Consider the people you will need to invite into the Workspace.

b) Which team(s) should they belong to?

Workspace teams are important to think about because folder access levels are set for teams rather than individuals. If you need to restrict access to certain content to some Workspace members you may want to consider putting those members into a team together. You can read more about teams in Step 5 of this guide.   

c) What access levels need to be set up on your folders? 

As a Workspace Manager you can decide how to set up folder access levels. There are four levels of access you can assign to teams for each folder in the Workspace. You can choose between: No Access, Viewer (Online Only), Viewer and Editor.  You can read more about setting up access levels in Step 9 of this guide. 

d) Who should have administrative control of the Workspace? 

Identify two or more Workspace Managers who have administrative control over the Workspace. Folder access level restrictions do not apply to Workspace Managers so make sure that the people you pick have the right level of authority to read all the content on the Workspace. Ensure that you pick more than one Workspace Manager so if you are absent, the other can perform tasks that may be requested by other Workspace members.   



III) Content:


a) What type of folder structure makes sense and will be easiest to navigate?

The simplest you can make this folder structure, the better for external parties you invite to Huddle who may not be working with you on such a regular basis. 



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