Step 12: Using Tasks



This article will give you an overview of the Tasks tab. Click on the links below to go to different sections of the article:

How to set tasks

How to add task details

How to filter tasks

Task notifications


I) How to set tasks 


a) To set a task, go to the Tasks tab of a workspace. 



b) Click on Add a task to enter a title for the new task. Set the status of the task, a start date, a due date and an assignee. Then click on Add. 




c) The task will be added as below. 




d) The next time you refresh the page the task will show up alongside other tasks due at a similar time. 




e) The task will also feature on the calendar on the workspace overview. 




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II) How to add task details


a) To add details to a task click on the grey arrow next to the task title. This will give an expanded view of the task as below. 



b) Here you can add a description to the task and make changes to the assignee as well as pick up any comments colleagues may have left you about the task. 


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III) How to filter tasks


a) If you are a new member to a workspace, you may find the tasks tab has already been populated with a lot of entries.



b) To find the tasks that are most relevant to you it is possible to filter them using the controls at the top of the screen.


c) This will refine the list of tasks and show you the information most relevant to you. 


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IV) Task Notifications


Huddle will send you task notifications by email in four circumstances:

a) If you have been assigned a task.

b) If a task you have assigned to someone has been updated.

c) If someone has left a comment on a task you have set. 

d) If the due date of a task you have been assigned in Huddle is within three days of expiring. 


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