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Step 10: Approving work in Huddle



If you have a document that is finalized and ready to be shared with a wider audience, you can use the approvals workflow in Huddle to get final sign off from the relevant people before you send it out. 

You can request approval for any file or Note in Huddle that you have previously edited or if you are a Workspace Manager. This article covers: 


I) Requesting approvals in the web app


a) Go to the file you would like to request approval for and click on Add approval that is located in the right hand panel. 




b) The approvals window will open.




c) Type the names of the people you would like to approve the document in the first text box, or select their names from the drop down menu as they appear. 




d) Once you have finished adding approvers you can send a private message to them in the second text box as well. You can also set a due date if you wish. To confirm your selections, click on Update then Done




e) When viewing the document in Huddle, on the right hand side pane you will see "Awaiting approval".




f) When viewing the folder where the document is located you will see an orange label next to the document titled "Awaiting approval" 



II) Approvals and email notifications 


a) When an approval is sent to a colleague they will receive an email notification from Huddle. it will look something like the below and will contain the private message you typed to them as well as a link they can click on to go straight to the document. 




b) As an assignee of the approval you will be notified by email when your requested colleagues have left their approval. 




Tip: Those who have been asked to approve your work will only get one email on the day you assign the approval, no reminder notifications will be sent.



III) Answering an approval in the web app


a) If you have been asked to approve a document in Huddle you will first need to go to the document in question and click on it to open it in view mode.




b) Once you are there, on the right hand side of the document you will see "Awaiting approval" and underneath "Approve" button. The "Approve" button will allow you to approve or if you want to give feedback you can leave a comment in the comments section. 




 c) To approve simply click on the approve button and you will see that the Approve section gets covered in green with a thumbs up stating that the person who requested the approval has been notified.




d) If there are others that needs to approve then you will see the number of approvers remaining.

An example is shown below, here you will see a total number of three approvers, with one already approved it now says "2 of 3 remaining".





e) If you were the only approver of the document, the approval section will change to a green colour with a thumbs up saying "File approved" See below.





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