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How to share files and folders in Huddle



Huddle's share function allows you to keep your content and conversations together. Let individuals or teams of people know where a document is stored and send them a private message with this function. 


Tip: Sharing respects the access levels on your folders so you'll never be able to share a file with someone who doesn't have permission to see it.


How to share files

How to share folders


I) How to share files


1) There are two ways to share a file. You can either go to a file list, and select the three vertical dots to the right of the file name you want to share and select share from the buttons that appear.




Or you can go to the preview page of the file you would like to share and click on Share  in the panel on the right hand side of the screen. 




2) Both of these options will open up the following window. 




3) Use the text box at the top to start typing in names of people you want to share the document with. Suggested users will pop up in the list below. 




4) To share content more quickly with large groups of people, you can select teams from the list in the middle.  




5) You can also select individuals directly from the list in the middle, without typing their names in the box at the top. 




6) Add a private message to your share to give some context to the person you are sending the content to. 




7) When you have finished selecting the people you would like to share the document with, click on Share to send your notification. Your share is complete. 





 II) How to share folders


1) To share a folder, click on the folder title then select the Share with others button in the blue panel on the right hand side. 

The image below illustrates how you would share the folder called Contracts. 



2) To finish the share, follow the steps above for selecting recipients.  



 III) Share from upload

You can now share your files with others immediately after the files upload are completed.


1) When files have successfully uploaded to Huddle a "Share" button will become visible to click on.  Click on "Share" as shown in the figure below.




2) After clicking on "Share" a box will appear that will allow you to search and add recipients that you would like to share the newly uploaded files with.  Once you have made your selection click on "Share" at the bottom right hand corner.

At the bottom half of the box a summary of the newly uploaded files is given.  



3) After clicking on "Share" a confirmation message will appear to state that the files were shared with the recipients selected in the previous step.  In the example below the confirmation message states "Shared with 2 people".  Click on Done and then you can resume using Huddle.




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