Huddle Customization & Branding



This article details the different elements of Huddle that can be customized. It will take you through what Workspace Managers, Account Administrators and the Huddle team can do to deliver a branded experience for you and your users.

For example, Workspace Managers are able to configure workspace features, logos and Overviews, whereas Account Administrators are able to set up custom URLs and account logos. 


Click the following links to access the section that applies to you: 

Customization capabilities for Workspace Managers 

Customization capabilities for Account Administrators

Customization capabilities for the Huddle team


I) Customization capabilities for Workspace Managers


Workspace Managers can:

- Enable and disable workspace tabs such as Files or People

- Add, edit or replace workspace logos and overview content



a) Workspace features

As a Workspace Manager, you can switch on the workspace tabs that you want. Configure each workspace to meet the requirements of your team from Settings > Features to switch features on or off. 


Before (Overview, Files, Tasks, People and Settings are available)



After (Overview, Files and Settings are available) 





b) Workspace Logo

The workspace logo sits on the top left hand side of your Huddle screen and is controlled by the Workspace Manager. Click here to see a step by step guide to editing this logo.






c) Workspace overview

Give each of your workspaces a distinct look and feel that aligns with the work they contain. When using Huddle in client engagements you can use our platform to further reinforce your brand.

For detailed instructions on how to apply a theme to your workspace overview please contact your Customer Success Manager or 





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II) Customization capabilities for Account Administrators


a) Login page and URL 

Customize your login page to match your other tools, including your brand logo and a customized URL. You can ask for a dedicated URL when you set up your account with us.

Click here to see a video guide on administrator customization.





b) Default workspace logo

The default workspace logo sits on the top right hand side of your Huddle screen and is controlled by your account administrator.



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III) Customization capabilities for the Huddle team


a) Account branded wallpaper

Customize Huddle to match your brand by adding a tailored background of your choice.


TIP: Contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager for more details about adding a customized background. 









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