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How versions work in Huddle



On the preview page in Huddle there are four buttons that help you to manage comments, tasks, activity and versions




TIP: This article will look at how the Versions button works. if you would like to see a step by step guide to comments, please click here, and if you would like more information about activity or audit trails, please click here


1) Find the document you would like to see the version history for and click on the versions button.


 2) This will open all versions which will be listed on the right hand side of the document. 




3) Here you are able to see the current and most up to date version of the file (6 in this case) listed at the top.

This is the version of the document that sits on the preview page that all of your workspace members are working off of. This guarantees your version control. you know that everyone is building on the same version of the file. 


4) You will be able to find every single previous version of the file that has existed in Huddle, all the way back to the creation of the file. 


5) If you need to revert to the original version of the document, or any other, you are able to select the file you want form the version history and download it to your computer.

To do this, hover over the desired version and click on download.  




TIP: If you are an Enterprise customer and would like to know more about the compare versions feature, please click here


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