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How to Compare two versions of a document in Huddle



Huddle’s Document Comparison feature is designed to allow users who are collaborating on a Microsoft Word document to easily identify what has changed in the latest version, when compared with a previous version.

TIP: Document Compare is only available on the Huddle Enterprise Plan and this feature will only work in Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. We plan to add support for Internet Explorer 11 in the future. 

This article will show you how to: 

Compare two versions of the same document

Understand all the offerings of the document compare tool

Show workspace managers how to switch on the comparison tool for their workspaces


I) How to compare two versions of a document 

If you want to: Compare a specific version of a Word document with the latest version.

1) Navigate to a Word document that has 2 or more versions.

2) Click on the Versions button next to the document title.



3. Under the Previous versions section, hover over the version you want to compare the latest version against.

4. Click on the compare button indicated in the screenshot below.




If you want to: Easily view the changes since you last viewed the document

1) Huddle will automatically notify you if the document has changed since you last viewed it.

2) Click on the Compare link as indicated in the screenshot below.



3) Huddle will switch to Comparison Mode where you can quickly view what’s changed using the in-browser document preview. See any additions, deletions and formatting changes that have been made between versions as shown below.





II) Comparison mode features




1) Easily jump to specific pages with changes
In the sidebar under Pages with revisions simply click on the relevant page number and the comparison preview will jump to that page.

2) View a summary of changes
‘At a glance’ view of changes between the compared versions, including style changes and what has been added or deleted.

3) Reply to author
While reviewing the comparison, you can easily provide feedback to the author in context of the changes:

a) Click on the Reply to author button. Huddle will automatically populate the comment box @mentioning the author along with some introductory text and a link directly to the comparison you are reviewing as below.



b) Enter your feedback and click on the Post comment button.

c) The author will receive a notification with your comment.


III) How to switch on the comparison tool for your workspaces


TIP: Only workspace managers can switch this function on for a workspace


1) Go to the Settings tab of the workspace in which you would like to activate the comparison tool and click on the Workspace Settings button.



2) Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Edit Workspace Settings button.


3) Scroll to the bottom of this page and look for the section on User Privileges.

4) Put a tick in the check-box next to "Word comparison enabled"

5) Click on Update at the bottom of the page so your changes are put into effect. 



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