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Huddle's Comment function allows you to keep your content and conversations together. You can also @mention groups of people or one person in a comment to notify them by email about what you have to say.


To see a video guide to commenting, click here


TIP: If you have permission to see a file in Huddle you will be able to leave a comment on it. All the other people who have access to this file will also be able to see your comment.


This article will show you how to: 

I) Leave a comment in Huddle

II) How to tag someone in a comment on Huddle

III) Who you can tag in a comment on Huddle

IV) Who will see my comment? Who will be notified of my comment?



I) How do I leave a comment in Huddle?


a) Find the file that you want to comment on.

b) Click on the Document title to go to the Preview screen.

c) Scroll to the comments section below the document preview.



d) Click in the comments box and type your message.

e) Click on Post comment.



f) Your comment will be added to the feed below.






II) How do I tag someone in a comment on Huddle?


a) Click in the comments box.

b) Type the @ symbol and follow this directly with a name or team name.



c) As you type after the @ symbol, you will see suggestions of names pop up in a box below.

d) When you see the name or team name you want, click on that name.

e) Your selection will be added to your comment and will be highlighted in light blue.



f) You can now type your message.

g) The people you have tagged in your comment will be sent notification emails about your message when you click on Post Comment.





III) Who can I tag in a comment on Huddle?


You will only be able to tag members of the workspace who have permission to see your file into the comments section.

a) You can tag individuals, ex: @lucycrawford



b) You can tag everyone in the workspace who can see the file, ex: @everyone



c) You can tag a specific team that will have been set up by your workspace manager, ex: @executive management




IV) Who will see my comment? Who will be notified of my comment?


a) Users who have access to view the document you commented on will be able to see your comment

Any member of the Workspace that has been granted access to the document you have commented on can read your post. 

TIP: If the user has not previously worked or commented on the document and has not been @mentioned by yourself they will not be notified. 


b) Users you tag or @mention in your comment will be notified

When you tag someone in a comment by preceding their name with the @ symbol as explained above, that person will receive an email and Dashboard notification about your comment. 


c) Users who are contributors on the document will be notified

TIP: Contributors are users that either created the document, updated the document or who have previously left comments on the document.

When you are about to post a comment in Huddle, you are shown the number of contributors who will be notified of your comment along with the users you have @mentioned. 



To expand the list of contributors to see who is included in the list, click the contributors link to see who will be notified of your comment in addition to your @mentions.  




You can scroll through the list of contributors and click users' names to visit their profile page to find out more about who you are notifying.




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