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Administrator, Company Manager, Workspace Manager, what are the differences?




Within Huddle there are different levels of authority you may have access to, this articles explains the functionality of each.

Account Administrator

An Account Administrator has the highest level of authority within Huddle.
Administrators have access to an additional section of Huddle where settings can be applied across the Account.

Account Administrators will have be assigned when your account was first launched. You can request additional Account Administrators by speaking to you Customer Success Manager.

If you are an Account Administrator click on your profile icon in the top right corner and select 'Account Settings'.

There are 3 tabs from which you can choose from.

Overview :
The number of users and workspaces in your account

The ability to change logos across all workspaces in your account, and also the log in page logo.

A list of all workspaces, it allows you to lock, delete, finalise and edit the title of a workspace. In this area you can also make yourself a workspace manager of any of the workspaces listed.

Company Manager

Company Manager is a way of managing users within your Huddle account.
The first Company Manager within your account will need to be requested with your Huddle Customer Success Manager, but from that point they can assign other users from your account.

Company Manager view is found by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner and select 'Your Company'.

There are 3 tabs from which you can choose from.

A view of everyone within your Huddle account, user the filter tool to find individuals quickly, by clicking on the individual you can remove them from your Huddle account (including all workspaces) by clicking remove from company on the right.
If you hover on the individuals name you will notice and 'Actions' Icon to the right hand side of the screen, if you click on this you can then select if you want to make that individual a fellow Company Manager

Shows you a list of all the workspaces within your huddle account and who the workspace managers are for each.

Public Files
Public Files provides you with a list of all files that have been made public via public link across all of your workspaces.

Workspace Manager

A Workspace Manager has control over a selected workspace and access to a settings tabs, where permissions and features can be customised.

You can become a workspace manager by creating workspace, you can assign additional workspace managers by the settings tab on a workspace and choosing users. See a full user guide for Workspace Managers here


Workspace Settings
Allows you to customise the overview page and limit permissions such as folder creation and invitation rights. You can also turn on Public Link for you workspace here.

Summarises all teams within a workspace, you can create a new team here.

A list of all users within the workspace, here you can change a users team, make them a Workspace Manager and also delete them from the workspace.

Allows you to customise your workspace tabs, for example you can turn off tasks and the overview tab.

Custom Task Fields
Allows you to add an additional selection field to a task, for example whether a task is of low or high priority.