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Can I start a discussion using a Huddle Note?



A Huddle Note is a great way to communicate with others in your workspace and keep the conversations alongside the documents.

Use the Huddle Note itself as the introduction to the discussion or the questions that you wish to ask your colleagues. Members of the workspace can then reply to your Huddle Note by posting in a comment underneath.


Use numbers to list multiple questions or topics in your Note so that people can refer to them in their replies (see this article for help on formatting).

Add links to documents or other Notes in Huddle, or to other websites to give people easy access to additional information (again see this article for formatting assitance).


To notify other people in the workspace about your Huddle Note you can use the 'Share' button on the right side and then select everyone or specific people. You may want to write about what the Note refers to and that you expect comments back in the 'Add a message' section of the Share function. This message will appear on the email notification of the Note.

Alternatively, lead by example by adding the first comment under the Note. Complete your Huddle Note and then below that you will see the option to add a comment. Use this to direct people to the Note whilst kicking off the discussion posts. To notify people of your comment remember to @mention people, teams, or everyone. They will then see your comment in the email notification and have a link back to the Note where they can make their reply.


When other workspace members make a reply, by adding a comment beneath your Huddle Note, you as the author of the Note will be automatically notified.

Other people to be automatically notified of comment replies will include people who have edited the Note and therefore become a version author, or anyone who has previously replied with a comment.

In order to notifiy other workspace members (who will not receive an automatic notification) each reply should include @mentions.