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Workspace Manager Tips


When you are made Manager of one or more Huddle Workspaces, you will have access to additional workspace controls, for example: adding and removing users, editing access levels, and creating teams.

To access these controls, simply click the Settings tab within the relevant workspace.

Before delving into your Workspace Manager controls, we recommend familiarising yourself with the basics of Huddle by signing up for a webinar or having a look at a comprehensive Workspace Manager User Guide.


Quick pointers on managing a Huddle workspace

What is your workspace all about? Update the title and description to reflect this and add a logo in 'Workspace Settings'

Adjust invitation and folder privileges, in 'Workspace Settings'

Switch off irrelevant features, tick only the relevant boxes in 'Features'

Add relevant content in the 'Files' tab, by clicking 'Upload Files'. See article on how to upload multiple files for more detail


Inviting your colleagues into Huddle is simple

Click the workspace ‘Invite people’ button. Here are some tips on invitations and managing people:

Personalise your invitations by clicking ‘invite people’ and changing the personal message to set the scene

Save time by inviting groups of people at once by simply pasting or typing their email addresses

Manage people using teams, these are created in the ‘Settings’ tab

Control access to content click ‘Edit Folder Access’ in any folder to control access to its contents.  See article on how to manage folder permissions for more detail


Making use of Huddle’s collaborative features

There are lots of features in Huddle that will help you and your colleagues work better together. Try out these four features:

Share a new file or upload a new version of a file and make sure that others know about it

Comment on a file or task to encourage communication around the content

Add and assign some tasks capturing any action items

Create a Huddle note from within the ‘Files’ tab to host meeting notes, follow-ups, and informal conversations right alongside your documents.