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Can I switch off certain tabs within a workspace?


Workspace Managers have the ability to switch off tools within each workspace - e.g. restricting users' access to Files only, or removing certain other tabs completely. You will see the Features section under the Settings tab of each workspace. Here you can just uncheck the box next to each feature you wish to remove from the workspace and click Save when you're done.

Here's a summary of our most frequently used feaures:

  • Overview: This is the landing page of your project. It should provide a short description of this workspace for end users. It includes a shared calendar and activity feed.
  • Files: To upload, store and collaborate on content with your colleagues Tasks: To create, assign and track key project milestones. These will appear in the shared calendar pictures above.
  • People: Your contact database of everyone working on this project; their role, contact details and expertise are populated from their profile area.
  • Settings: The Settings tab, is only available to workspace managers. It allows you to customise your workspace to your needs. The Settings tab, like the workspace itself, is broken down into tabs which represent the functionality available to you as a workspace manager.