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What is a Workspace Overview?


Below is an example of a Workspace Overview page. Each workspace has its own unique Overview page that shows a summary of the most recent activity for that workspace.




The overview page contains several sections and provides you with a wealth of information. This article will quickly detail each of these and what they can help you do.

Tabs: From your Overview page you can easily access all areas of Huddle thanks to the tabs that run down the left hand side of the screen within the navigation panel. This way you can easily access your "Files", "Tasks", "People", “File requests” or "Settings" pages with one click.  

The "Files", "Tasks", "People" and “File requests” tabs can be turned on or off in workspace setting by a workspace manager. 


Files Awaiting Approval, File requests and Tasks in this Workspace: If you have any pending actions within the workspace they will show up here. You can toggle between calendar view or list view to see all of your actions across the month. Then select the arrows if you would like to see past or future dates. For each action you can easily navigate directly to that action in Huddle if you select the title of the action. 

My Calendar: My Calendar: Your Huddle calendar can be found by using the toggle which sits just beneath the “All pending” button: 




You will see all of your pending actions upcoming in your work for the current month, as well as previous and future months by selecting the arrows:




For more detailed information about "My Calendar", click here

Pinned files and folders: To the left of your overview page you may see a list of all important files and folders that your workspace manager has pinned for your attention. These are sorted alphabetically which makes it easy for you to navigate to important files and folders during multi agency collaboration.  

Activity: The last section on the Workspace Overview page is your activity feed. This is an area that informs you of all the recent actions performed in your workspace. The actions could be from any workspace member and could take the form of a task, a file upload or a comment for example. You can choose to see up the most recent 40 actions performed in the workspace using the drop-down menu on the right hand side. You can click on the title of the document or task to be directed to it's detail page. The activity feed also lists the names of the people who accomplished the action as well as their time and date of completion.  

Custom Overview: If you have opted to have a customized workspace overview, to the right of your tabs you will see an image or logo of your choice. You may also have chosen a row of buttons that can link you to areas inside or outside of Huddle. You can click on these to take you directly to your most frequently visited folders. areas, internet or intranet pages.