What is the Workspace Calendar Used For?


Your calendar can be found on your workspace overview page. Each workspace has its own calendar to enable you to focus on tasks and milestones related solely to the content within the workspace. 

The calendars display tasks scheduled for the next 2 weeks. Weeks after this can be viewed by using the forward and backward arrows. A monthly view can also be selected. If you do not want to see this feature on your Overview pages you can close it with the plus/minus button in the top right hand corner of the widget.

 Putting dates into the calendar: Calendars in Huddle show events and tasks. To create these items in the calendar you will need to use the "Tasks" tab in the workspace. Please note that you may not have access to use these features and this will vary by workspace and account.

In the calendar you will be able to view your own tasks for this workspace as well as the tasks assigned to other users. You can use the dropdown menu (in the Tasks area) to filter the tasks per individual or team.


 iCal: You may notice that "iCal feed" is written at the top left hand corner of the calendar. This button allows you to push your tasks or meetings into your Outlook or internet calendar. For more information on iCal and how it works, click here