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What is the difference between 'My Dashboard' and a 'Workspace Overview'?


Your Dashboard summarises all the activity going on across all your workspaces.

You will see that navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen shows "Workspaces" and lists all the workspaces you are a member of. You will be able to see "Notifications", "My Tasks", "Files Awaiting Approval", "Locked Files" and "Activity". The activity feed, like all the other areas, informs you of actions that are going on in all your workspaces. You can choose a specific workspace in the drop-down menu on the top left hand side of the screen. Your dashboard is completely private and personalised to you.

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Each workspace has its own Overview page.

Once you have selected a workspace, you will be directed to your workspace overview. The workspace overview shows all the activity for everyone in that workspace. You will see all pinned files and folders, a list view of File Requests, Tasks and Approvals which you can also toggle to view in calendar view. Beneath that you will see your workspace activity. From the overview, everyone in the workspace can access the individual tools within that workspace and see the other people working there. This area is not unique or private to you. However, you will only see files you have access to.

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