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Can I add my own custom fields to tasks?


Huddle allows a Workspace Manager to add custom tasks fields. Workspace managers are able to define up to 5 different fields which can be placed against tasks. Common task fields include things such as ‘priority’, ‘category’ and ‘duration’. These custom task fields are displayed to the members of the workspace and, if exported, will appear in an Excel spreadsheet.

Custom task fields are located in ‘Settings’ tab of a workspace. The settings tab is only accessible to Workspace Managers:



Here you are able to enter you custom labels and the values that you wish to use:


Values need to be entered on a one per line basis to correctly appear.


Once you are happy with the label and values, check the ‘In Use’ box:


Finally, click the ‘Update’ button. Huddle will show you that it has updated the custom task fields by displaying a green banner at the top of the page:


It is important to note that you need to do this every time that you change one of the labels or values. Clicking ‘Update’ for one will not update them all.