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How do I change the status of a task or assign a task to different users?


Workspace Managers, the task setter and the assignees all have the ability to change the status of a task. Only a Workspace Manager and the task setter are able to change the people who have been assigned a task.


Changing the status of a task

To change the status of the task, click on the task title, located to the right hand side under “Task details” You can select one of the three statuses “Not started” , “In progress” and “Complete”



Changing the assignees of a task


To change the assignees of a task, click on the names in blue, below “Assign to”:




A drop down menu of everyone in the workspace will appear:



This menu is searchable by using Ctrl+F on Windows or Command+F on a Mac.

Clicking on name will select them and clicking on that name again will deselect them.

You are able to assign a task to multiple people. Click Save when you're finished making your selection.