How do I create or add a new task?


Creating or adding new tasks couldn't be easier

In order to create a task, you first need to navigate to the Tasks tab:




If you cannot see the Tasks then your Workspace Manager has disabled it. If this is a piece of functionality that you would find useful, please get in contact with him or her.


Once on the Tasks tab, adding a task is done in the box at the top of the page:



All you need to do is fill in the title of the task, its current state, a start and end date and then assign it to as many people as you wish.


By clicking the 'More details' button, you can add some context by adding a longer description.


You are also able to attach a file to a task so that you are able to direct the assignees to the most up-to-date and relevant document that they need to complete their action. After you have assigned at a task, you need to expand it by clicking the small grey button next to the task:



After that, click the 'Add attachments' button:



This will open a popup box that will allow you to attach a file from that workspace.