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How do I change or filter my tasks view?


There are a number of ways you can filter or change the view in the Tasks tab. Above the task list, you will see the following:


By clicking the 'All', 'everyone' or 'due date' drop down menus you will be able to filter the list to display just individual team members' tasks, or to display the entire list by status. You can also choose to filter out completed tasks from the list.

By default, if you are just a user, you will just see your own tasks.

Changing the filter will allow you to see all the tasks within the workspace or the tasks assigned to specific people. 

Alternatively, if you are a Workspace manager, you will see everyone's tasks by default. The filter will allow you to see your own tasks.

Huddle will automatically keep the filters that you choose so that whenever you log on, you will see the same view that you had last time.