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Issue uploading multiple files and folders due to Java plugin


Due to the recent discovery of a security hole in Java, some browsers are now disabling the Java plugin by default. If your browser has disabled the plugin and you attempt to upload multiple files or folders with the Huddle Jumploader, you might see a screen similar to the below:


This is a security issue with Java, not with Huddle. If you wish, you should be able to choose to enable Java in order to run the Jumploader, but we recommend that you only enable Java for use with Huddle, rather than for all your browsing. If you enable the Java plugin to run, you should find that the Jumploader reverts to your usual file upload experience. It’s also worth noting that if you do enable the plugin and do so only for the Huddle website, you will not be compromising your security as the security risk is only real when the plugin is enabled on sites that you visit whose owners do wish to exploit the security loophole.

If you find that you'e unable to run the plugin, this is likely to be a limitation that has been imposed by your IT department, therefore we would suggest getting in touch with them to discuss. 

If you'd like to update to the latest version of Java on your machine separate to any update mechanism in the plugin, you can visit the Java website directly and check your installed version.

For more information regarding this security flaw, please see this page here.