Setting up approvals on the Huddle web app



If you have a document that is ready to be shared with a wider audience you can use the approvals workflow in Huddle to get final sign off from the relevant people before you send it out. 

You can request approval for any file or Note in Huddle that you have previously edited or if you are a Workspace Manager. This article covers:


I) Requesting approvals in the web app

II) Approvals and email notifications

III) Answering an approval in the web app

IV) How approvals and editing interact


Tip: For a guide on how to cancel approvals and add new approvers to existing requests, please see this article.



I) Requesting approvals in the web app


a) Find the file you want to get approved and click Request approval


b) Enter the name of who you would like to have approve your file in the first text box and a private message in the second. 

c) Set a due date for the approval. 

d) Click Update



e) Click Done.

f) The file is now marked as Awaiting approval.  



g) There will also be a section between the file and the comments feed where pending approvals are listed. 




II) Approvals and email notifications


a) When an approval is sent to a colleague they will receive an email notification from Huddle. it will look something like this. 


b) You'll be notified by email when your colleagues have left their approval. 



Tip: Those who have been asked to approve your work will only get one email on the day you assign the approval, no reminder notifications will be sent.



III) Answering an approval in the web app


a) Go to the file you've been asked to approve.


b) Scroll to the bottom of the file preview to the approvals section. You'll see two buttons where you can Approve or Leave feedback on the file. 

c) Click Approve to approve the file.




Tip: Click Leave feedback to tag the approval requester in the comments feed to send them a message with your recommendations for change. 



IV) How approvals and editing interact


a) If a document is approved and then it is edited 

The approvals that were given will disappear.

This happens because Huddle recognizes that significant changes could have been made since approval was granted by the whole group. You will have to request approval again if you need it to be approved by your colleagues. 


b) If a document has part of its approvals finished and then it is edited

The approvals that were already given will remain.

The approvals that had not yet been given will still be pending.

This happens because Huddle recognizes that you may be running a tiered approval workflow that goes through several rounds of requests from different stakeholders.



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