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Does Huddle store old versions of files?


Huddle helps users maintain version control of files by providing the lock functionality and Huddle will also store all previous versions as the file is updated.

Each file in Huddle has its own file details page where you can see the title of the file, some basic information about the authors of the file, and of course the preview. This online preview will always show the latest version of the file. It is easy, though, to view the version history of the file and even download old versions.

Go to the Files tab of a worskspace and select a file that has been updated previously. You will land on the preview section of the file details page, but you can select to see the versions instead by clicking the 'Versions' button alongside the title of the file. It will also show you how many versions there are.




The list of versions shows you who has edited the file and when. There will also be the option to download and view any of the previous versions. The option to delete versions will be seen by the Workspace Managers.


Version 1, the original, will always be at the bottom of the list and then any further versions will be listed above.