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When do you receive a notification from Huddle?



There are several instances as to when you may receive a notification from Huddle. They include the following:

1. When a workspace member chooses to share a file or folder with you (by clicking the 'Share with others' button on a file details page or a folder page)

2. When a workspace member mentions you in a comment of a file (by @mentioning you or your team in the comment)

3. When a comment is added to a file where you have previously commented and therefore joined the discussion thread read more about this here.

4. When you are assigned to approve a file and if there is a due date set up then you may get subsequent reminders

5. When a task has been assigned for you to complete

6. When you have assigned others to approve a file and they do so

7. When you have assigned a task to others and they change the status or add a comment

8. When you have requested a file using File Requests, when the request status changes or when someone has commented on the file request. 

9. If you have been asked to respond to a File Request in Huddle. You'll also receive reminders on the day before the request is due, as well as on the day it's due.