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Getting Started with the Huddle and Office Online integration



To use Huddle's Office Online integration you'll need a commercial Office 365 subscription. The first time you try to create or edit a document using the integration between Huddle and Microsoft Office Online you'll be asked to sign in to your Office account. 


To get started using Huddle and Office Online together, follow the steps below. 


1) Find the document you want to edit in Office Online and click its title. 

2) Click Open in in the actions menu to the right of your Huddle screen. 

3) Click Open in Word and choose the Edit option. 




4) Click to sign in  to your work or school Office Online account. 


5) Enter your credentials. 

6) Click Sign in.


7) You'll be directed to the document you asked to edit in Office Online. Your changes will save back to Huddle automatically. 


Take a look at our articles on creating and editing documents with the Huddle Office Online integration.  


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